An increasingly popular spectacular sport, 3x3 basketball captivates both athletes and spectators and can be played in inner city areas. Traditionally played outdoors, it uses portable surfacing systems for professional tournaments, which are often set up just for the event.

The interlocking polypropylene tile systems guarantee rapid installation but do not guarantee the same shock absorption and energy return values as sturdy rubber surfaces.

3x3 basketball requires speed, excellent ball control, uniform ball bounce and quick changes of direction with close contact with the playing surface without straining joints.

The aim of MONDO’s research was to meet the needs of this sport and the athletes who play it by combining the playing speed guaranteed by a more rigid surface with the traditional impact absorbing properties of rubber surfaces.

It was also very important to have a removable system that performed the same way under both dry and wet conditions and did not get slippery.



Using its experience in rubber surfaces for outdoor multisports areas and in stabilizing underlays, MONDO has developed its own removable kit for 3x3 basketball based on Sportflex M, the MONDO FIBA-certified rubber flooring traditionally used for permanent outdoor basketball courts.

Sportflex M fully satisfies the biomechanical needs of 3x3 basketball with friction values on both dry and wet surfaces that comply with European standards for outdoor multisports floors. Vertical ball behavior also fully complies with the standards.



Once it had created a prototype, MONDO went from laboratory tests to real-life tests to evaluate the flooring’s performance with athletes under actual playing conditions.

To coincide with FIBA OPEN 2018, the International Basketball Federation invited MONDO to create a surface using its own removable system, which was then assessed by the players competing in the event.

During the matches, the players were asked to complete quality questionnaires, and thanks to their feedback, MONDO was able to confirm the comfort, uniform ball bounce and energy return qualities obtained during the laboratory tests.

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