Recently our partnership with UEFA Futsal and professional athletes has strengthened. Mondo has signed a new agreement with UEFA and will be the Official Supplier for UEFA Futsal Champions League Finals in the period 2019-2021 and for next UEFA Futsal Championship Finals in 2022.  This is giving Mondo a further push to focus on this discipline and to keep on developing specific solutions for this mazing sport.

Between December 2017 and February 2018, we sent a questionnaire to all teams that participated in the test event for the UEFA Futsal Euro Final tournament and in the finals. Eighteen elite players completed the survey, which focused on their needs and let them comment about their primary support: the sport surface on which they perform. We asked the players to compare the performance properties of their typical futsal surface to the surface they used at the test event and in the finals, which was supplied by MONDO. The results showed that the MONDO surface was widely more appreciated than their typical surface for qualities such as controlled grip, foot stability, comfort and speed, which enhance athletes’ technique and overall game performance. 

The results also clearly showed that the athletes would prefer to train in a facility equipped with the same sport surface as the competition surface.

Athletes usually train on surfaces that do not meet their expectations. Ideally they would train on surfaces as similar as possible to the ones where the highest competitions in Europe are played, so training results can be replicated during competitions.

This is our formula for victory: by collaborating closely with athletes and international sports federations, MONDO learns what athletes need to perform better.