Federico Cattaneo at the Savona Meeting 2020

Zhang Guowei


RIO 2016

The 2016 Rio Games

What maintenance operations should be carried out on artificial turf pitches when reopening following the period of lockdown?

When carried out correctly, maintenance operations help to improve performance and play conditions.

Massimiliano Ferraro at the Savona Meeting 2020

Excellent seasonal debut with 10.43 (100m)

Orlando Ortega



The 2012 London Games

How should rubber sports flooring be sanitised?

Tips for cleaning rubber sports surfaces, and for keeping gyms and sports centres hygienic and safe

Elena Vallortigara at the 2020 Savona Meeting

Sport and sustainability: a winning combination

Thomas Röhler



The National Indoor Stadium in Beijing

Athletics tracks: how to respond to athletes' needs

Savona Meet 2020: Davide Re first impressions

Happy debut in the 400m

Jeremy Dupraoguao, Chesaux Issa, Crausaz Nicolas, Derek Winston



The Beijing National Stadium

Outdoor Fitness, an overview

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