Installation of artificial turf on a padel court

The quality of the artificial turf on a padel court is important. So is having professionals execute the installation in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

The benefits of sports floors aren’t exclusively dependent on adequate industrial design and the use of the best raw materials: For a successful outcome, the installation must be performed correctly by professionals from companies with demonstrated experience and in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

An excellent example of this is the installation of artificial turf on a padel court. Since padel courts are small, many distributors offer to install the court or to replace it at the end of its lifespan. Still, installing the turf correctly is so important that even an excellent product may not deliver the performance promised on the technical sheet if it is not installed correctly, and improper installation can affect the turf’s durability and the manufacturer’s warranty.

Professional installation also ensures that the artificial turf’s sport and technical properties are as listed. These properties affect players’ performance, the risk of injury and the flooring’s ability to continue offering the best performance possible.

Installation procedure

Given the range of sport flooring on the market, the procedure for installing artificial turf on a padel court is one of the simplest from a technical perspective. Complying with the proper order of installation and paying maximum attention to detail can make the difference in the turf’s durability and performance.

This video shows everything that needs to be considered for the installation of artificial turf on a padel court, along with all of the phases of the installation.