MONDO athletic tracks: train like the real professionals

If a good workout is the key to winning, MONDO athletic tracks are the key to any good workout. Let's find out what people who use them daily think and why training on MONDO's prefabricated rubber tracks is safe and effective.

Every victory and every record achieved in competition are the result of excellent training. And for training to be truly productive, it is important to do it on a suitable track.

MONDO's athletic tracks are not only great surfaces to compete on, but also to train on, because they meet the needs of each athlete, maximize performance and, thanks to innovative technologies, minimize injuries.

The word is unanimous and international: just like the one that comes, for example, from the Colleges of San Diego and Norwalk in California, where the MONDO tracks have immediately revealed their potential and the potential of all athletes.

Enthusiasm overseas: training is at a high level

"Do you know the surface they run on at the Olympic Games? This is the surface we run on." That's how Norwalk's Cerritos College Director of Athletics Chris Richardson introduces the MONDO track, the Sportflex Super X 720, to each new recruit.

Several miles down the road, University of San Diego coach Shelia Burrell also talks about the MONDO Sportflex Super X 720 track and field as the track on which "all the fastest athletes in the world compete."

In both cases, the answer is unequivocal:MONDO athletic tracks allow athletes to train at a high level, achieving great results, new records and reducing the risk of injury.

The reason is the combination of layers, materials and innovative technologies that achieve the perfect synchronization of speed, shock absorption and support - everything an athlete needs when running.

MONDO athletic tracks are designed as an integrated system of essential and connected elements, with uniform biomechanical response at every point of the surface.

The surface layer is made of vulcanized rubber, to ensure optimized grip and perfect elasticity; it also features a special texture that improves slip resistance and allows athletes to both use shoes without spikes and those with Pyramid and Compression Tier (Christmas Tree) spikes.

The lower layer, however, consists of a support with a honeycomb structure that compresses in all directions and absorbs the force of impact when the foot touches the surface, returning an immediate kinetic response, essential for giving precious millimeters to the length of the step. In addition, the compression of the honeycomb backing shortens the rolling time of the foot and this, along with the quick recovery of the material, improves performance time even more.

The MONDO surface also offers a reduction in the risk of injury and fatigue because it is developed to make it comfortable to train on a soft, supple material, not hard as one might expect from a fast track.

Being able to train on such a high-level track has resulted in Cerritos College students setting new records and being nationally ranked in 2019. As well as allowing the University of San Diego to welcome elite and professional athletes to train on their long jump track before official meets.

Speed = elasticity. An athletics track for daily training

When Georgia Tech University track and field coach Grover Hinsdale said athletes who train on a MONDO track "haven't (...) had any problems with their feet, shins or knees" and that the track "produces great times in competition", he echoed the sentiments of many other coaches and athletes who have chosen a MONDO track for their training.

This is because MONDO surfaces have proven that fast tracks do not mean hard, uncomfortable tracks. Quite the contrary. Because they are made of rubber, they are so soft and responsive that they are ideal for daily training and safe for the athlete: the elasticity of the surface is therefore essential to guide the athlete in their movements without overloading their muscles and tiring them out.

However, this is not the only reason for the quality and safety of training on MONDO tracks.

On a MONDO track, no false steps!

MONDO athletic tracks are even safer because they are prefabricated tracks.

The qualities and biomechanical performance of a MONDO prefabricated track are present uniformly over the entire surface because they are not affected by the laying conditions: the biomechanical responses remain constant over time and their duration is longer.

The surfaces of MONDO tracks are made of vulcanized rubber and are free of partially embedded microplastic granules that could detach from the surface and be released into the environment. For this reason, MONDO athletic tracks, compared to cast systems that incorporate EPDM granules, meet the proposed guidelines for the use of microplastics: all components of our material are fused at the molecular level in a vulcanization process, thus preventing them from being dispersed into the surrounding environment. In addition, MONDO surfaces are also Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified, because they ensure minimum levels of VOC emissions, classifying themselves as safe tracks for athletes.

MONDO prefabricated tracks go through years of intense and constant use, always offering the maximum resistance; and prove, through the voice of many athletes, coaches and professionals in the sector, that they are perfect surfaces for training, testing one's limits and achieving the highest goals. 

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