Junior tricolor

In Rieti, three days of records and great performance.

Jun 21, 2013

 For the fourth time in ten years, the stadium has hosted the fifty-sixth edition Guidobaldi of Rieti Tricolor Juniors. On Mondotrack, the same surface as that of the European Junior Championships in Athletics to be held July 18 - 21, the best young Italian athletics have been involved in a great spectacle of sports. In particular, on display are the sprinters, recording excellent times: in the 110 hurdles, success with Italian juniors record and European best performance of the season for Lorenzo Perini, with a time of 13:39. In the men’s 100m finals of promising young men there was a great performance by Delmas Obou, who finished fourth with 27.10 U23 sprinter best of all time Italy. In the women's 100 m was the best performance of the season for Gloria Hooper (11.45), and who also won the 200m with a time of 23:36. In the 200 m juniors, great results for Fausto Desalu, who has become the eighth with 20.94 ever to go below 21 "distance. Other great results registered on the track were the successes in the 100 meters junior Luca Cassano (10.63) and Silvia Corbucci (11.66), the victory of Eusebio Haliti (51.06) in the 400 m hurdles promises great performance in the finals by Irene Morelli in the 400 m hurdles, with a time of 59.77. In addition to the sprinters, other athletes have shown very good results. Overall, on display was Sonia Malavisi, who jumped 4.41 m in the event (new Italian junior record and best European performance of the year); Cestonaro Octavia, who made the junior record in the triple jump with the measurement of 13.69 m, and the neo-blue Dariya Derkach, which in the long broke a record that lasted for 25 years, jumping 6.67 m, and then triumphed in the triple jump, with the new record of 13,92 m.