Olimpic Games

Athletes: 11.363

Competitions: 339 in 33 sports

Opening Ceremony: July, 23 2021

Closing Ceremony: August, 8 2021

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Tokyo Olympics: sporting achievements and green success with the MONDO athletics track.


3 World Records, 3 Junior World Records, 12 Olympic Records, 28 World Leads, 28 Area Records, 151 National Records, 198 personal bests and 396 Season Bests: the track where both the athletes and the environment win.

The most anticipated, the fastest and the greenest: this is how the Tokyo Olympics will be remembered.

In 2021, the world witnessed an evolution in the “how the Games are done”, because in Tokyo the goals went beyond sport: we are talking about environmental, ethical and social inclusion objectives.

From theory to practice, the organisational machine of the Olympics moved in unison to fulfil the commitment made in the "Be better, together - For the planet and the people" campaign: from the 1,089 medals made of recycled material, to the hydrogen-powered athletes' village and the installation of the Mondotrack WS athletics track by MONDO, which makes respect for the environment one of its key points.

The show that was staging, lasting just more than three weeks, was a real success.

The ‘green thread’ of the Olympics

A completely green project, in every aspect.

First of all, we need only think of the structure of the stadium that hosted this edition of the Olympics: the New National Stadium built by architect Kengo Kuma with over 12,900 cedar planks, was built with a unique design, aimed at capturing the wind so as to cool the interior and avoid wasting energy.

Then there are the ecological medals made from smartphones and other recycled equipment; the Olympic torch, made from aluminium from the disused temporary accommodation used to house evacuees from the 2011 Tokyo earthquake; and the cardboard beds on which the athletes rested.

And this edition will leave a sustainable legacy even after the competition is over, when the structures and spaces built for the occasion will continue their life as flats, public places, schools and places for all citizens.

Given these aspects, it is therefore easy to understand the choice of Mondotrack WS as the athletics track for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics; it has made a substantial contribution to the “green” theme of the Olympics. Produced in the Gallo d'Alba plant, equipped with a 4.6 MWp photovoltaic system that prevents the emission of 2000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, the track is a concrete demonstration of MONDO's strong commitment to respect for the environment and its sustainable choices.

Mondotrack WS is also sustainable in terms of its composition: all MONDO athletic tracks are made from a balanced mix of virgin raw materials and selected recycled materials that are free of contaminants.

The natural rubber contained in the track (up to 10%) is considered a rapidly renewable material. The vulcanised and prefabricated MONDO athletics tracks are also free of partially embedded microplastic granules, which would risk detaching from the surface and being dispersed into the environment and water.

Thanks to the careful selection of raw materials, MONDO tracks, even in extreme climatic conditions, do not emit VOCs, as confirmed by the Greenguard Gold certificate. So, MONDO protects the environment and the health and safety of the athletes at the same time.

A record-breaking athletics track

3 World Records, 3 Junior World Records, 12 Olympic Records, 28 World Leads, 28 Area Records, 151 National Records, 198 Personal Records and 396 Season Bests: this edition of the Olympics left everyone speechless.

The goal of sustainability went hand in hand with ensuring maximum comfort and performance for the athletes. And the choice of the Mondotrack WS athletics track has met and exceeded expectations with an incredible number of records.

For example, Karsten Warholm, who set an incredible 45"94 in the men’s 400 metres hurdles, going under 46" for the first time in history, 76 hundredths clear of the previous World Record. At the end of the race, Warholm described the track as “crazy”, amid disbelief and unbridled joy.

US hurdler Sydney McLaughlin, after setting a World Record in the 400 metres with 51"46, also gave her impression of the track that accompanied her to victory: "When you run on it, you can feel the spring back.

The feedback from the athletes is positive and the opinion unanimous: Mondotrack WS was the perfect stage for these Olympic races.

This sensation of lightness, stability and energy, which the track has been able to give, is thanks to its technical characteristics and the new MONDO technologies applied to the surface.

First of all, the combination of two functional layers of vulcanised rubber: the upper one with a patented texture, for optimum grip and elasticity; the lower one with a geometric structure of hexagonal cells, to absorb shocks, store energy and return it immediately.

Then there are the new TY granules incorporated in the top layer: pre-cured rubber granules of controlled composition and elasticity, which increase the elastic response of the surface and ensure that the entire track responds dynamically and in a uniform manner.

This surface represents the best technology for athletes and, as already mentioned, the features actually translated into impressive numbers and gold-tinged records. Such as Yulimar Rojas, who won the World Record in the triple jump with 15.67 metres: this record had stood since 1995!

And again, the success of Marcell Jacobs, the first Italian to win the 100 metres final, able to set a national and European record at the same time with his 9"80.

Added to these numbers are all those achieved by the other athletes during the three weeks of the event.

But the significance of these Olympics has certainly gone beyond records and sporting achievements: social and environmental goals and the exciting build-up have worked in synergy to transform the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games into the spectacle we all wanted to see.

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