The Jean Melkonian Stadium in Meudon

An environmentally responsible renovation.

The Jean Melkonian football stadium in Meudon underwent an environmentally responsible renovation using Mondo sports technology.The old sports turf, which had deteriorated and was not environmentally friendly, was replaced with the MONDOTURF X3T Plus 22 synthetic turf, without performance infill. Appreciated by the players of AS Meudon Football for its characteristics similar to natural turf, this synthetic surface also stands out for its ease of maintenance and its environmental qualities.

The ecological renovation of the Jean Melkonian Stadium in Meudon

Meudon's Jean Melkonian football stadium is named after the historic president of AS Meudon Football, whose commitment to the sports training of Meudon's youth has paid off. It is part of the Georges Millandy Sports Complex, which also includes a dojo, gymnasium and fitness room.

Long used by the city's rugby club, its green surface was granted to the football team in 2017. On this occasion, the marking lines on the old synthetic turf were retraced, work that definitely aggravated its already precarious state of wear and tear. A renovation was therefore necessary....

From the redevelopment of the old turf to the laying of eco-sustainable synthetic turf

The renovation of the artificial field of the Jean Melkonian stadium in Meudon, located in the heart of the new eco-district of Pointe de Trivaux, needed to present all the characteristics of a truly eco-responsible approach. Consequently, great attention was paid to the environmental dimension throughout the works, as the city's sports councillor, Francine Lucchini, explains.

First of all, the top layer of the old synthetic turf system was carefully removed and its various components were recycled by the specialized company Re-Match. After careful evaluation, given the good condition of the Broke shock-pad, the decision was taken to keep it intact: only a few damaged plates were replaced by the company ST Groupe, which used light machinery to avoid any excessive stress.

Finally, to replace the top layer of the official field and its training surface, the experts of this sports surface renovation company chose X3T Plus 22 MONDO synthetic turf without performance infill, whose high performance perfectly met the specifications and environmental requirements of the tender specifications.

High sporting and ecological performance thanks to X3T PLUS 22 infill-free synthetic turf

The Jean Melkonian football stadium in Meudon is subject to intensive use, up to 50 hours a week by the 800 members of the various local teams and school groups. Hosting official matches all year round, its synthetic turf system must adhere to compliance standards and offer optimal sports performance, which is why MONDOTURF X3T Plus 22 synthetic turf was laid over the existing subfloor, stabilizing the surface with 22.5 kg of silica sand per m².

The flagship of Mondo's technology dedicated to fooball, this surface combines 3 types of monofilaments XNOVA, 5NX and XNOVA TEXT, whose dimensional memory, elasticity and impact absorption allow for:

  • an excellent fluidity of play in passing and bouncing the ball,
  • extreme playing comfort and excellent support for players,
  • a long life with a feeling similar to that of natural turf.

From a purely sports and football point of view, X3T Plus 22 synthetic turf without performance infill is therefore an excellent choice for training and participating in official competitions throughout the year on a quality football field. In addition, this sports technology has many other advantages, such as ease of maintenance and environmental impact.

Performance-free, eco-friendly synthetic turf that is easy to maintain

The City of Meudon chose MONDOTURF X3T Plus 22 synthetic turf primarily because it requires no performance filler. On the one hand, this innovation facilitates the maintenance of the field by municipal employees. In fact, the granules of the old surface were very volatile and would be dispersed all over the field and in the locker rooms, which had to be cleaned daily with a considerable expenditure of resources.

On the other hand, the absence of performance infill in Mondo's X3T Plus 22 synthetic turf system avoids a highly polluting process, saving on the manufacture and transport of infill materials as well as their disposal at the end of their life. The result was a great satisfaction for both the municipality and the players of AS Meudon Football, as Clément Renaud, the city's sports facilities manager, explains:

"We are pleased with the result, both in terms of quality and aesthetics. In addition, the football club is happy to be rid of the old surface and to have a beautiful and efficient new surface, a showcase for its teams to grow and reach the highest regional levels. The players are happy to have a new, quality facility."

In short, it's nice to both look at the new X3T Plus 22 synthetic turf at Meudon's Jean Melkonian Stadium and to play on this new, infill-free surface created by Mondo's sports technology. And these are the fundamental characteristics of a modern football field.

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