Cost: just over one million euro
Project start: 2011
Realization and laying track: from July to September 2013
Construction signatures: 2014
Total area track: 7,423 square meters
Designer and Director of Works: Architect Vincenzo Perinelli

Sport Architecture

Five years ago, the athletics stadium was home to the largest tent city  of Aquila after the earthquake in the city. Today, after a major renovation, the same facility is a symbol of rebirth,not only for sports, but for Aquila.


Track and field returns to L'Aquila

On May 14, 2014, in L'Aquila, in the presence of senior leaders of the CONI and the FIDAL,  the new athletics track  at the Isaia di Cesare stadium opened. The event, in addition to marking the return of the sport in the capital of Abruzzo, has taken on the value of a real renaissance of the city five years after the earthquake that hit her hard. The new Mondo athletics track starring once again had already realized that in the system prior to the renovation. "It is our pleasure to continue with our surface within this glorious system," said Robert Franz, Head of Track & Field Mondo Spa.

The surface of the new track is Mondotrack 13.5 mm, the same surface leading to the 2012 London Olympics and the World Championships in Athletics in Moscow 2013. "The previous track, which was also Mondo, dates back to the eighties. The designer wanted to use this time a prefabricated surface, which at that stage had already given excellent results, but it has upset some 'the layout of the place: the previous track was six lanes, the new one has eight lanes and is approvable for events international level, also IAAF events, "recalls Giampaolo Gola, Sports & Outdoor Sports Turf Division of World Spa.

A symbolic place

The new Mondotrack was installed in one of the symbols of the Aquilla: the stadium, which now appears completely renovated in 2009 hosted the largest tent city, the Piazza d'Armi. "After hosting the largest tent city after the earthquake, the old track looked like a field completely destroyed. The first impact was hard, there was this huge esplanade, a valley of tears. For me it was also an emotional speech, since I am from Abruzzo "he recalls the architect Vincenzo Perinelli, under whose direction the works were carried out for the new facility.
"The stadium was the first place where citizens fled because, since there are no facilities around, it was the safest place. In the following months it became the largest tent city which has hosted nearly 3,000 people of 30 different ethnic groups. The reconstruction of the track was the symbol of the rebirth of Aquila now five years after the earthquake, "adds Giampaolo Gola.
The symbolic significance of the new stadium is underlined by the particular form that the architect Perinelli wanted to give the new grandstand, a laminated wooden structure completely covered with 650 seats. "The roof recalls the wingspan of an eagle, symbolizing the rebirth of the city. This choice was much appreciated by the citizens and by the Olympic Committee at the time of inauguration, "says Perinelli.

Six to eight lanes

The track installed in the Aquila, a typical oval to eight lanes, has a Mondotrack 13.5mm surface in light blue, produced and installed in about three months, from July to September 2013.
It was the firm Walter Martinelli who took care of all the works relating to the new stadium, while the installation of the track was performed by seven specialized layers firm Madi Sport. The track has two runways, an area home to the high jumps with the platforms for the pole vault and the javelin throw, the other hosting platforms launches (weight and hard / hammer and javelin) and high jump area. In the field is present, in addition, an area for the long jump and triple composed of two platforms bidirectional.
The decision to build an eight-lane track, which will allow Aquila to host international events took place during the work: "At first I was asked to design a six-lane track, but during the presentation of the project, the mayor called me and asked me to commit myself to the maximum to ensure that Aquila could have an eight-lane track. As the design of the structure progressed, we realized the potential that could have nationwide, so we chose the best surface on the market, "recalls the architect Perinelli.

The commitment of the CONI

CONI has followed very closely the steps of upgrading the stadium and donated to the town of Aquila the portable sports equipment. "The CONI provided free of charge the most important part of equipment, that to make the track viable and verifiable. When the president Giovanni Malago has come to visit the facility in November 2013, with the surface already laid, but with the track still to be completed, he promised a gift from the CONI "recalls Giampaolo Gola. Promise kept.

A team effort

The installation of Aquila, due to its geographical location and ample housing for business travelers, is of national interest. These are all the conditions for the stadium, properly completed, can accommodate large national and international events. The project's success was the results of  great teamwork. "A project level we supported with our technical staff Perinelli architect, designer. The collaboration with the municipality and the company Martinelli was great and the work was praised by the mayor and the president of the Olympic Committee, "said Roberto Franz. ***

The new eight-lane athletics track is the first in a series of projects that the town of Aquila is completing. Among these is the construction of a rectilinear for indoor practice range, important for the development of the site, considering the extremely adverse weather conditions that could mark the winter season. One more chance for the athletes, who already with the surface Mondotrack have available a very durable outdoor track. "The altitude to which is Aquila, 700 m above the sea, is definitely not a problem. We slopes subjected to much harsher conditions, such as Sestriere, and there were no problems, "said Claudio Pavani, Sales Management Italy - Monndo Sport & Flooring Division. "The will of the administration is to create in the parade ground a real sports center, to complement the athletic facility having different funds for the construction and renovation of facilities, it would also create a side of the track for people who do not do athletic activities, a larger ring that runs outside the plant useful to all amateurs, who go to the classic running, "says Claudio Pavani.

The projects under way are not just about athletics: "The municipality of Aquila will construct a rugby pitch with artificial grass adjacent to the stadium. Work is in progress: the area should be level and must be built changing rooms. Recently it was also awarded the contract for the Acqua Santa stadium, semi abandoned structure in the area east of Aquila. The town is very active in the field of sports and Isaia Di Cesare stadium was the first piece of the puzzle, because of its symbolic significance, "said Giampaolo Gola.

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