Opening: June 5, 2014
Total area: 5,340 sq.m.
Paved surface Mondoflex: 3,800 sq.m.
Gym capacity: 280 people
Specator area: 2,400 people

Sport Architecture

In northern France there has been recently inaugurated a modern sporting center, shared by students from two high schools. Inside stands the new gym with the Mondoflex surface.


On June 5, 2014, a new sports complex was opened in Dieppe which is shared by the school Lycée Jehan Ango and Lycée du Golf. Funded by the Haute-Normandie region, the project was completed with the intention of offering students and teachers a modern, quality facility, and the opportunity to play many sports. "The gyms and the equipment used by high school students and Ango du Golf was very old and did not give the opportunity to practice all disciplines potentially offered here," recalls the engineer Loetitia Thery, project supervisor and representative of the Haute -Normandie. The facility, which has a total area of ​​5,340 square meters, was built on the high school Ango and is connected to the high school by a passage du Golf purpose built. One of the most important structures built inside the gym was the multipurpose building, for which the flooring was decided to use a solution produced and installed by Mondo.

Why was Mondoflex chosen?

The gym of the high school Jehan Ango was definitely dated, unsuitable to the needs of students and professors, and with a capacity too low. Therefore it was decided to intervene, starting from a floor that had very specific characteristics. For the floor of the new gym was chosen the Mondoflex 3mm surface, installed over Everlay 6mm. "The characteristics that make the Mondo flooring ideal for a gym is its resilience, robustness, compactness and pleasantness," said Lionnel Devaux Company Chabanne & Partenaires, engineer in charge of the work. "This is a multi-purpose sports surface and multifunctional, with high wear resistance," adds David Beaudart, Product Manager of the Mondo Indoor France.
Installation has worked a team of four technicians for installation, and a three to paint the gamelines. The installation took a total of five weeks of work. Gray in color, the surface has fully met the end customer for the quality demonstrated both during sports activities, both in the non-sporting. With a catchment area of ​​2,400 students (the gym it can simultaneously accommodate 280), the gym is now a reference point for the entire region. "This is now the largest in the Haute-Normandie region in size and variety of services offered," said Loetitia Thery.

Mondoflex, a surface that respects the environment

In addition to the more technical, the other two fundamental aspects of surface Mondoflex convinced the engineers in charge of the work: respect for the environment and ease of maintenance. Mondoflex the surface, in fact, earned the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) in accordance with European standard EN 15804. With the EPD they calculate the environmental impact during the entire life cycle of 1 square meter of floor expressed as seven parameters officially recognized by the European scientific community:
1) contribution to global warming;
2) destruction of the stratospheric ozone layer;
3) acidification of soil and water;
4) eutrophication;
5) photochemical creation of tropospheric ozone;
6) depletion of abiotic resources mineral type;
7) depletion of fossil abiotic resources.

To get EPD certified, Mondo had to provide the Entity in charge a set of detailed information relating to the cycle of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the product. The indications show that the rubber flooring Mondoflex needs a normal routine maintenance executable without difficulty to building owners.

Only routine maintenance

The ordinary cleaning recommended for any surface can not take into account more or less the intensive use of the surface, especially when it is a sports floor. "In the case of  the Mondoflex surface, you can safely consider a normal weekly routine cleaning; about 45 applications per year, whereas the closure of the plant for a few weeks. Mondoflex, in fact, does not require special maintenance if the ordinary has been operated properly and within the time specified, "said Fulvio D'Alessandro, head of Mondo After Sales. Routine cleaning is done after removing dust, dirt or similar with simple machines specifically dedicated (single disc-scrubber) and products with low environmental impact. "Maintenance should be carried out using a cleaning machine suited to the particular area on which you operate. In the case of Dieppe talk about 3800 square meters. In a case like this, the ideal is to use a disk and a red pad with suction on the back, "said David Beaudart.

Neutral cleaners

The ordinary cleaning can be performed with products of easy retrieval, environmentally friendly, with a percentage of the prevailing water, rarely strippers, but especially neutral detergents. As regards the detergent ideal for this kind of maintenance, Mondo proposes the right DN10 or similar. "It is a mild detergent with 90% biodegradable, suitable not only for cleaning, but also to eliminate the streaks produced by rubber shoes," says D'Alessandro. The cleaning takes place in a very simple way: is applied with a mop or a rag the prepared solution (DN10 with water) with the recommended concentrations which vary depending on the dirt (manual use from 2% to 5%, with washing-drying from 2% to 3%); it is collected and allowed to dry and then rinse it all. "To facilitate the maintenance of Mondoflex, Mondo has developed its own cleaning DN10 or  DD25, allowing a chemical dosing meeting the needs of a sports surface," says David Beaudart. ***

A few extraordinary measures

The maintenance of surface Mondoflex is required only in exceptional cases: detachment of the joints, small tears. "A flooring as Mondoflex lasts for a few decades, and during that time are conceivable some possible repairs, normally using two-component polyurethane adhesives certified EC1-GEV and / or directors having no aromatic amines. It is important to emphasize that no waste is produced as a result of repairs, "adds D'Alessandro.
"A major advantage of the rubber flooring compared to other types, is that over time tends to require less maintenance because it is compact further, almost at the molecular level," continues D'Alessandro. A problem of all sports flooring is given sometimes by the use of sneakers. The result is the classic black streak given by the physical transfer of synthetic rubber of the soles on the sports surface. "Although this problem is easily solved with the use of disks appropriate, and with products of easy retrieval, such as neutral detergents and, exceptionally, strippers," explains D'Alessandro.

Restoring the scoring lines

An intervention carried out periodically in any sports surface is the repainting of the gamelines. "If not for regulatory changes, recovery takes place on the existing track. It abrades the surface with sandpaper of the gameline providing advance to define itself on the side with a suitable protective strip of paper. Subsequently, clean the parts and work with a painting brush / roller (not foam), using a two-component polyurethane paint, available from the World, working closely with thin layers until you reach the desired color density. Finally, they remove the tape before the paint begins to mesh. The area is walkable after 24 hours, "says D'Alessandro. The number of restores depends on the intensity of use of the system, however, during the life cycle of the product are provided at least three reversals.

The end of the life cycle

The duration of the life cycle of a rubber floor Mondoflex can vary according to  more or less intensive use of the facility. The expected life of a well maintained facility can be for decades, after which it is replaced. "The floor, being self-adhesive, it is removed with ease without utilization of machines detaches floors and without access to the screed. It is suitably sectioned and loaded on a lorry. At the end of the cycle the floor Mondoflex is delivered in a common landfill being certified in origin as waste as urban waste, "said Fulvio D'Alessandro.

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