Start of construction: June 2014
Inauguration of the field: January 2015
Filament synthetic field: 4NX
Other Mondo solutions: Seats Novanta 5, Scoreboard Club 45

Sport Architecture

Have a cutting-edge facility to be proud of and a soccer field on which we can always play, even during the cold season without injuries. The dream of every sports club is now a reality thanks to the Mondo solutions.

"We are all very happy. Now if it rains or no it no longer matters: we play with any environmental condition." Carlo Burà AC Tavernes Managing Director  

Change to survive

Founded in 1950, the Soccer Association Taverne has seen over the years to increase the number of users in your sports facility: it has gone from 15 members during the first year to currently 200 players (in the categories Elite, Students and School soccer) . With activity booming, the company's Canton Ticino has had to deal with the harsh reality of a dated facility that was no longer able to ensure the smooth running of the sport within it, especially during soccer matches, played on a field often impractical. "The situation that was created was no longer tenable, with the field proven not only by the adverse weather conditions, but also by the intense activity of all users of the center, including a team from the First Division and Third Division. The choice was between change and changing to a synthetic field, closing or  mergering with other companies", explains Carlo Burà, director of the AC Taverne. In such a situation, it was decided that the only solution was the renovation of the sports center: in addition to the field having to be rebuilt, the stands and the locker room were renovated and a new electronic scoreboard was installed; a courageous choice that allowed the AC Taverne to boast today of cutting-edge game field and a sports facility to be proud of.

A suffering project

The project that led to the renovation of the sports center at AC Taverne dates back to 2011. In a period of economic crisis it was not easy to find a solution that would allow the financing of a sports project, a choice to many citizens would have seemed a waste of public money. The situation was resolved when the city council approved an agreement between the Muncipality of Taverne and AC Taverne, with the intention of adapting the sports center to be open to the community: the agreement involves a contribution to the common thirty 85,000 francs a year, that the AC Taverne receives for its investment in the renovation of the football field and other infrastructure. After approval of the project, came the contribution by the Sports Toto (body comparable to the Italian Olympic Committee), amounting to about 25% of the total cost of the work.

No one like Mondo

After received funding, the AC Taverne could rely on a reference such as Mondo, which was able to ensure the renovation of the facility in a short time with the highest level and an unparalleled synthetic pitch: the company is the only one to world to produce all the components of the system (fiber, backing, pad), so as to ensure a constant response time and the perfect harmony respecting the yield performance. "It was a long process, but in the end we were able to conclude the transaction and create a great sports field. Mondo was able meet even the cost factor, because we could not afford to have debt for the project. "Recalls Carlo Burà.

A facility to be proud of

Opened in January 2015, the facility AC Taverne is today a real jewel. "Currently there is no field like this in Ticino," comments Vincenzo Ceraudo surveyor, construction manager. It is amazing to see the effect that the Mondo synthetic turf  on those who see it for the first time. "I have done this job for 45 years and I can say that the monofilament 4NX has had a strong impact on people and anyone who has visited the center. Everyone was very impressed in general with work that we have accomplished. A project of this kind, with a field such as this, had not yet been seen in these parts, "says Vincenzo Ceraudo. Very happy executives at AC Taverne, who now find themselves managing a sports center that has nothing in common with the previous one, "It looks like a small stadium in the English style, it is really very nice. I believe that the City is proud to have a real center and no longer the facility that was there before. Before the renovation, when I used to go in the cantons of Switzerland interiors and saw the other sports centers, I felt shame at the thought of having to show our field, "said Carlo Burà.

A facility serving the community

The citizens of Taverne are very satisfied, even those who do not practice sports. To meet the needs of the entire population, in fact, it was decided that the new structure of the AC Taverne can be used by neighboring schools during the hours of recreation and can also accommodate extra sports activities throughout the year. Among the most appreciated by the community is the total safety and non-toxicity of the synthetic field, thanks to the  Mondo ecofill granule, a guarantee of the the field even for children.

The technical factor and aesthetic

In the reconstruction of the sports center the aesthetic factor is also taken into consideration. In this sense, the thing that is clear to those who visit the field for the first time is the color of the 4NX fiber which causes the synthetic surface to appear as if it were natural. The aesthetic has had its weight in the choice of  Mondo seats Novanta 5 for new grandstands: the ability to choose the color of the seats has allowed you to "paint" the stands with the colors of the AC Taverne, yellow and the black. Besides the appearance, a major role has had the answer field of the new structure, in particular of the field thanks to the prefabricated FTS pad (which offers a homogeneous and elastic constant) and performance infill Ecofill (produced with granules thermoplastic unrecycled and uncured, without Pe or PP, with perfect grading curve that ensures a response performance better than other infills) the synthetic field produced and installed by Mondo allows developing game play natural, with the same feeling at the foot you would have on a natural grass field in perfect condition.

Play with any climate

One of the essential characteristics that the leaders of the club have been able to appreciate is the weather resistance the Mondo synthetic field. Faced with unfavorable weather conditions, the field must ensure not only a long resistance to intensive users of the center, but also rain and snow. "It is obvious that with a synthetic field it took time for players to get the hang of, but we are all very happy. Now, rain or not rain does not matter: you play with any weather condition, "said Carlo Burà. Finished work, the transformation has appeared spectacular, and today the AC Taverne would be able to accommodate matches of the First League Swiss, as confirmed by the testing of synthetic pitch made by the canton but not by the federal. This success has been achieved with the help of Mondo. "The relationship was very good. Representatives of the Mondo were available and open to dialogue. They understand the priorities and needs of a small company like ours, "said Carlo Burà.

Pending FIFA certification

The synthetic pitch was inaugurated in mid-January when it received approval from the Swiss Football Association. The official opening will be in June 2015, when the FIFA certificate will be asked to get FIFA 2 STAR certified ,after one has played on the field for at least 5-6 months. To be certified FIFA, in addition to standard EN, it is necessary that the whole system is certified to ensure that the facility meets certain certification rules. Only fields which have obtained FIFA certification can accommodate games played between teams of the highest categories.

Not only the synthetic pitch

The refurbishment of the sports center at the AC Taverne did not affect only the football pitch. Other Mondo solutions have been installed, such as the seats Novanta 5, with the company colors (yellow and black), the new stands of 304 seats. Mondo has provided all sports equipment, including soccer goals for the games at 7, 9 and 11, and the benches for the reserves, six places for the children and thirteen places for adults. It also installed an electronic scoreboard Mondo Club 45 model, designed for soccer. An important part of the work involved the installation of prefabricated changing rooms, with all the infrastructure. Inside the center it was made a little refreshment, a refreshment bar with 40 seats. In addition to the sports facilities, it was built a fence with thirteen gates, of which eleven pedestrian and two vehicles accessible to allow the entry of ambulances. The building has been equipped with a new electrical system, with four light towers and sixteen other lighthouses, each of 230 lux.

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