Year built: 1978
Capacity: 7,000 spectators
Start of renovation: 2012
Completion of renovation: 2013

Sport Architecture
(Côte d'Ivoire)

Flooring, seating, scoreboards and baskets ... Mondo solutions, protagonists of the most important Basketball event on the African continent.


Not just sport

The allocation to the Ivory Coast for the organization of the Afrobasket 2013 basketball tournament had a significance for the African country that went far beyond the sporting aspect. "The Ivory Coast was in need of such an important sporting event for a number of reasons: to silence everything bad that is said of the country and its people, demonstrating our legendary spirit of welcome and hospitality; to strengthen social cohesion, promoting reconciliation between the nation's sons and daughters, showing our openness to the rest of the world; to reposition the country both on the sporting and on the political platform of the continental chessboard, "said Florent Bah,  Afrobasket’s Operations Manager. From a purely sporting standpoint, the Men's African basketball championship was also the perfect opportunity to renovate the historic sports arena in the city of Abidjan.


The arena changes its look

The basketball tournament was held in the Sports Palace of Treichville, an arena constructed back in 1978 that can accommodate up to 7,000 spectators. Over the years, the facility has hosted sports events such as handball, boxing, basketball, volleyball, martial arts and fencing, but after more than ten years of zero maintenance, the structure seemed to be in an advanced state of decay. That was up until 2012, when a decision was made for a complete renovation to allow the Ivory Coast to host the eighth edition of the Francophone Taekwondo World Cup, with the construction of a new sports arena adjacent to the main one in 2013, with two new additional courts created to host the matches and training of teams participating in the Afrobasket 2013

A race against time

Mondo's commitment in supplying and installing solutions required for the renovated Palais des Sports was remarkable. "The material was supplied in two different phases of the project. The first phase of installation, in 2012, lasted about three weeks, while the second phase needed a month to be completed, and was carried out prior to the start of the competition", says Alfredo Romanos, export manager of Mondo Spain. The seven Mondo technicians, two of whom remained for the duration of the Afrobasket 2013 to provide technical support, have been engaged in a veritable tour de force in order to meet the deadline of the works, which were so close to the start of the tournament. "Due to a serious delay in the construction of civil works, when the sports sections were handed over for the installation of our products, the time available to carry out the work was very short indeed" says Alfredo Romanos. "We were asked to carry out the works in a record time and we succeeded thanks to an outstanding effort. It was a great success”.


The main arena

In 2012, Mondo supplied and installed flooring and sports equipment for Afrobasket 2013. Mondoathens baskets were mounted on the main court, the same model used in the last three editions of the Olympic Games and in many international championships, and the Fast Break System 2 flooring, the same used for the basketball tournament of the 2012 London Olympics. A Pegasus y and 1,100 scoreboard seats was also installed along with green, orange, blue, yellow and red Mondoseat 6 stadium seating in the stands. "After the conclusion of the tournament, the Fast Break System 2 flooring was dismantled and stored, because the main court will be used for training purposes. The FBS 2 flooring, designed for high-level official competitions, will remain stored and, in the meantime, players will train on Mondosport flooring with Everlay system, recently installed in the main arena", explained Alfredo Romanos.


Full satisfaction

Other Mondo solutions have been installed on the courts adjacent to the main one: the fixed wooden flooring Zeta Fine Tuned System on the competition court, as well as an Antares scoreboard and Mondoathens baskets; Mondosport 4.5 mm flooring plus 1.5 mm Everlay on the training court, wall mounted baskets and a Libra scoreboard.
"The comments of the athletes who played on our flooring were very positive. The Mondo flooring and sports equipment were much appreciated. The facilities for Afrobasket 2013 are by far the best that the Ivory Coast has ever had and their sports venues are now probably among the best in Africa", says Alfredo Romanos. In addition to the athletes, the local authorities were more than satisfied by the work carried out by the Italian company. "The partnership between Mondo and FIBA eased the approval of the sports facilities and allowed the sporting events to run smoothly", said Florent Bah.

AfroBasket 2013

The Palais des Sports de Treichville hosted the 27th edition of Afrobasket, the men's African FIBA basketball Championship from August 20 to 31, 2013. The event takes place every two years and is the most important basketball competition on the African continent. There were sixteen teams participating. In the final, first place went to Angola, beating Egypt 57- 40, winning their eleventh continental title. Third place went to Senegal that beat the hosts the Ivory Coast by just one point (57-56). The first three teams are guaranteed a place at the next World basketball Championships scheduled in 2014.  In the past, Mondo was also the provider for the Afrobasket editions in Libya (2009) and in Madagascar (2011).

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