Indoor basketball courts: portable and permanent flooring

Whether basketball flooring is a fixed wooden court, a portable system or a rubber sports surface, it needs to be comfortable, uniform and designed to reduce the risk of athlete injuries. A basketball court must also be able to withstand the weight of the baskets and the stands, and have good sound absorption.

MONDO designs and produces basketball surfaces and equipment that are perfect for everything from professional competition to youth training, plus they are FIBA-certified and comply with international standards.

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Fast Break System 2 Wood

Basketball for players at the top; the very top

Fast Break System

The fastest way to play on wood.


The best floor for shooting hoops

Zeta System

Wood becomes multifunctional.


All the advantages of a multilayer floor covering.

Mondoflex + Everlay Protection

A synthetic surface for natural play

Sportflex M

No matter the goal, it can easily be reached.



Salle Omnisport Bantzenheim

France - Bantzenheim, Haut-Rhin (68)

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