Fast Break System 2 Wood

Basketball for players at the top; the very top

Fast Break System 2 Wood is an Area Elastic flooring system made of wooden plates that are modular and detachable, and designed to guarantee top performance in high-level play. 

Going up high for the shot, coming down hard with the ball, pivoting for an explosive drive—all with the perfect floor grip. This system can satisfy the most demanding competitive basketball play, optimizing comfort as well as athletic and technical needs.

Quick and easy to assemble

To guarantee a perfect joint, the unique interlocking system incorporates rubber-and-polyamide components called Flexy Clips into the plates themselves. This makes floor assembly and disassembly quick and easy, with no additional components required. In fact, a group of six people can install a basketball court in just three hours. MONDO also offers a special container for transporting and storing the flooring plates, and the court’s aluminum perimeter is included. 

Perfect biomechanical response all over the court

The layout of the adjustable elastic supports was designed in collaboration with the Biomechanical Institute in Valencia, Spain, for superior biomechanical shock absorption and consistent ball bounce everywhere on the court.

Able to take the weight

The system also is made to withstand the weight of basketball hoops and the rolling loads of telescopic bleachers.

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Product Variants:

Fast Break System Wood 48 mm


Thickness: 48 mm

Tile Size: 120 x 60 cm

Tile Size: 60 x 60 cm


  • FIBA Certificate of Approval for Wooden Flooring Category, Competition Level 1 and 2


Product Sheet

2020-07- Sales Sheet Fast Break System II_it (en)

Fast Break System 2 Wood Thickness 48 mm Technical Data


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