Flooring for gyms and fitness centers

Fitness training flooring requirements vary based on the intensity and frequency of use, plus the goals that athletes set for themselves. MONDO has designed a complete line of flooring products that enable fitness centers to customize all parts of their facilities. From rubber surfaces to interlocking systems and parquet flooring, each product is designed in response to the biomechanics of calisthenics, running, weightlifting and other types of training.
MONDO offers long-lasting flooring products that can ensure gym-goers’ comfort and safety even as they withstand intense, constant use. They also can stand up to the weight of the equipment and require only limited maintenance.
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Fitness Products


Make your functional training sessions magnetic.


Unique because it’s multi-functional.

Training Turf

Train hard on a soft surface.


The base for growing a passion.

Ramflex Inlaid Markings

Customization at its best.

Ramflex Interlock

Easy and quick to install. Incredibly wear-resistant.

Sport Impact

Heavy workouts? No worries.


The soul of a training session.

MondoArmor Strength

Passion and performance.

Sportflex M

No matter the goal, it can easily be reached.

Sportflex M Interlock

Sport wherever you need.

Zeta System FTS

A unique system for group exercise.

Reflex HP

The highly versatile flooring solution.


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