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DUAL ANMX EF is a next-generation artificial turf system composed of 4NX monofilaments with a semi-concave upright structure and three asymmetrical ribs, Monofeel fibrillated filaments, Natural Mix® technical infill, and prefabricated elastic underlayment in reticulated polyolefin foam.

The field’s composition is important for both athletes and the environment. Mondo designed and produced a system that combines DUAL turf and the innovative Natural Mix® technical infill to ensure the playing field’s technical capabilities while being eco-friendly. 

DUAL: The combined turf.

Combining 4NX monofilaments and Monofeel pre-fibrillated filaments in a single turf gives DUAL significant technical advantages: resilience and substantially reduced technical infill splash thanks to Monofeel’s precise fibrillation sequence. MONDO’s fiber extrusion process integrates a state-of-the-art UV stabilizer, making the turf resistant to wear from weather conditions and solar radiation. This allows the field to maintain its playing characteristics and aesthetics for a long time.

Natural Mix®: 100% eco-friendly

Natural Mix® performance infill is a mixture of patented Ecofill® Rebound thermoplastic granules and 100% natural cork granulate. The elastic properties of the polyolefins combined with the characteristics of the suberin help the infill's granulometry and controlled compaction values remain constant over time and provide an excellent mixed organic solution with low heat conductivity. Low gas and water permeability result in a fresher, odour-less pitch that is resistant to micro-organisms.

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Product Variants:

Dual 18 45 ANMX EFT10


Product Name: Mondoturf NSF Dual 18 45 ANMX EFT10

Yarn type:

monofilaments with a semi-concave upright structure and three asymmetrical ribs + fibrillated filaments

Yarn Height: 45 mm

Yarn Ditex: 19,000 Dtex

Infill: Sand + Natural Mix

Elastic Carpet:

Type: Prefabricated roll EFT10

Composition: Cross-linked polyethylene foam

Thickness: 10 mm


  • EN 15330-1
  • NF P90-112

All Mondoturf carpets are Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified.


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