Artificial turf system that pairs semi-concave 4NX monofilaments with three symmetrical ribs with Saturn monofilaments, with a straight structure and a single central rib.

The DUAL PRO system Mondoturf synthetic turf layers are created by combining the 4NX, with 400 micron thickness and 1 mm width, and Saturn monofibres, with 250 micron thickness and 1.3 mm width. By blending these two different monofibres, DUAL PRO reaches a density of 15,000 Dtex and combines the benefits of the two different monofilaments, developed and manufactured by MONDO..

The semi-concave structure with three 4NX asymmetrical ribs gives the turf a greater dimensional memory capacity: its resilience derives from an improvement in the ability of the fibres to return to their original state after having been subjected to the pressure produced through player-surface and ball-surface interaction, thanks to the three asymmetrical ribs and the new molecular orientation of the fibre.

The Saturn monofilaments, with a straight structure and a central rib, simultaneously contribute to improving the turf’s resilience and the carpet softness.

All of the system’s filaments are made from polyethylene (PE) and are lubricated and treated with specific substances that make the product highly resistant to UV rays and to variations in weather conditions.