Artificial turf system that combines the new XNOVA monofilaments with 4XN monofilaments.

When paired with 4NX, the new XNOVA monofilament, which was developed exclusively by MONDO laboratories, creates an artificial turf surface with the best sports performance: DUAL XN.

The system combines 4NX monofilaments, which have a semi-concave structure with 3 asymmetrical ribs that are 400 microns thick and 1 mm wide, with XNOVA monofilaments, which have a parallelogram-shaped structure with concave sides that form 4 grooves and 4 asymmetrical ribs that act as side reinforcements.

The thickness (270 microns) and width (1.2 mm) of the XNOVA filaments are perfectly balanced.

DUAL XN perfectly combines the durability, resilience and softness benefits of the two fibers. The balanced structure of XNOVA, the perfectly balanced thickness and width, and the special elastomer used during the extrusion process create a perfect compromise between softness and stiffness, giving the fiber a high level of resilience that lasts for years.

The 4NX filaments give the surface a high degree of dimensional memory: The fibers can quickly spring back to their original positions after any interaction between the athlete or the ball and the surface.

All system’s filaments are made of polyethylene (PE), and are lubricated and treated with special substances that make the product highly resistant to UV rays and changing weather conditions.



Soft and resilient.


Play on the new synergy.