Udinjump 2022

Mondo is partner of the sport event

Sportflex M receives the ITF class 3-Medium certificate

The SND Arena in Paraguay will host the CONMEBOL Copa América Futsal 2022

UEFA Futsal EURO 2022 starts tomorrow!

For the two locations that will host the matches, two fields covered with our Fast Break System, customized with the colors of the event.

UEFA Futsal Euro 2022

The installation of the Fast Break System Futsal sports flooring is underway

Explosive training is conquering the world of athletic training! 

Intense movements, weight lifting and numerous repetitions: Mondo solutions are perfect sports flooring for explosive training

Sportflex M at the Liceo San Nazzaro, Naples

Gately Indoor Track and Field

The hydraulic banked track supplied by Mondo

Powerplay™ P2

Peculiarities of a sports floor

UEFA Futsal EURO 2022

Athletes will compete on Fast Break System Futsal by Mondo!

UEFA Futsal EURO 2022

Less than one month to the matches!

UEFA Futsal EURO 2022

Mondo will supply of the two pitches in Amsterdam and Groningen

Happy holidays!

World Athletics Indoor Tour

The competitions are underway on Mondo athletics tracks!

Tamberi pays homage Draghi with a miniature of the high jump pole

A sample of the Tokyo 2020 athletics track together with a miniature of the high jump pole produced by MONDO

World Padel Tour

Madrid Master Final

Dynamic New Athletics Indoor

New athletics event on the Mondo track

Cali 2021 Junior Pan American Games

Pascual Guerrero Stadium athletics track

Penultimate stage of 2021 for the World Padel Tour

Mexico Open

Street Events: it's time for the Golden Fly Series!

The athletics season continues from 3 to 5 December in Thailand

Cali 2021

Junior Pan American Games on Mondo sports floors!

Last November stage for the World Padel Tour

Let's fly to Mexico

Between NITTO ATP Finals and 2006 Olympics

Different event, same sessions

Other surfaces certified by the FIFA Quality Program

New floors are added to Fast Break System Futsal

The Olympics continue to make us dream!

FIVB approval for Vinylsport M Pro, Vinylsport M Combi and Elastiflex

They can be used for high level volleyball competitions

NITTO ATP Finals arrive in Turin

To welcome the public, our Mondoseat ICE 2006

World Padel Tour: the stages of November

From Sweden to Argentina, all united by a passion for padel.

Where the choice of Mondo sports flooring is repeated

The Olympic track provided by Mondo reaches personalities and athletes

After Mr. Mattarella, Italian President of the Repubblic and Mr. Draghi, Italian Prime Minister, General Vincenzo Parrinello commander of the Polisportivo Fiamme Gialle Group



Mondo sports surfaces for Martin Parr photographic exhibition

Two padel courts will be installed installed at the location of the exhibition and a barge on the Po will frame what has been called the autumn exhibition of the Piedmontese capital.

Liguori Stadium, Torre del Greco

Artificial turf system FIFA certified for football

Ten's Summer League

The interviews

World Padel Tour Cordoba Open

October last stage

Sportflex M for Miracle League

Sports floor ideal for multipurpose applications

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