Supercourt XN at Santo Stefano Padel & Tennis in Biella

The exclusive tourist complex reopens with 3 padel courts in Supercourt XN, by Mondo


Quality and desire to offer guests a truly top sports experience. These are the guidelines that accompanied the construction of 3 padel courts in the context of the renovation of the former Cascina Casazza in Sandigliano, now Santo Stefano Padel & Tennis. With this in mind, Supercourt XN was chosen as turf system for the pitches, a sport surface also used in the World Padel Tour competitions. A decision that responds to numerous needs: aesthetics of the pitch, ease of maintenance but above all playing experience. The characteristics of Supercourt XN make it ideal for professionals, newbies and players who have not trained for a long time. Read the article and get to know the project better.