The Tokyo Paralympics open on Mondo sport surfaces

To support athletes, sport surfaces capable of guaranteeing performance and safety


The Tokyo Paralympic Games have finally begun! After the 1964 edition it will be the second time that the city will host the Paralympics. Until 5 September, athletes will compete in 22 disciplines, including two new ones: badminton and taekwondo. Many races will be held on Mondo athletics surfaces, able to guarantee uniform grip even in case of rain, smoothness of the wheels of the racing wheelchair in all conditions, uniformity and absence of free granules that could cause difficulties in performance. Mondo laboratories have developed sport surfaces with adequate grip and slipperiness, without losing abrasion resistance. Furthermore, the surface hardness of the track is such as to resist shoes' spikes and prostheses but able to minimize cuts and abrasions in the event of a fall. Finally, the polymeric blend used offers almost constant elastic properties over a wide temperature range. Find out more in the dedicated article.