The World Padel Tour 2021 starts on a new artficial turf court: Mondoturf Supercourt XN

On April 5th, the tournament will begin in Madrid, with the Supercourt XN center court. However, the MONDO novelties are not limited to the padel artificial turf.

Mar 31, 2021

The countdown for the long-awaited World Padel Tour 2021 ends, and Mondo is reconfirmed as the Official Supplier.

And the company has many novelties for this edition: we naturally start from the "blue heart", the synthetic turf on which the best players in the world will compete, the new Supercourt XN, installed at the Wizink Center in Madrid.

The portable interlocking tiles that will be installed around the central court of each tournament will be as well a Mondo sport surface: Sportflex M Interlock.

A removable and easy to install flooring, which will be reused for different events, thus reducing the generation of waste, and contributing to WPT and Mondo's commitment to the environment.

Even the LED technology of Mondo Smart Systems, which can be used both as a sports scoreboard and to transmit any type of multimedia content, will contribute to the great show of the tournament.

There are 26 official events of the World Padel Tour 2021, discover the official calendar.